The Senior Class Committee is dedicated to providing opportunities for our class to reflect on our Harvard experiences, to connect with and expand our community, and to inspire generosity that fosters a meaningful future for other Harvard students. 

It is our sincere hope that the memories we grow to cherish, the moments we experience, and the momentum we create as a class will follow us in future years. Our vision is demonstrated through our 3 guiding principles for the year:

Forming Memories:
Encouraging honest reflection of our growth

Programming such as Tea With Strangers and the Senior Capstone Event will encourage
personal reflection and the sharing of diverse experiences between classmates. 

Living Moments:
Celebrating the here and now with one another

Let's recreate "Annenberg Fever" at our Senior Bar and Celebrations during our last months together.

Gaining Momentum:
Inspiring appreciation and commitment within our class

By participating in Senior Gift and senior public service days, we as a
class have the opportunity to shape and improve our communities.

Program Marshals


Riya Patel
First Marshal


Katie Wu
Second Marshal

Angela Wu
Program Marshal

Rohan Pidaparti
Program Marshal

Hamna Nazir
Program Marshal

Jarrod Wetzel-Brown
Program Marshal

Victoria Jones
Program Marshal

Avni Nahar
Program Marshal

Gift Marshals

Samuel Becker
Gift Marshal
Neighborhood Gift Marshal for Dunster, Leverett, & Mather



Rebecca Ramos
Gift Marshal
Neighborhood Gift Marshal for Cabot, Currier, Pfoho, & Dudley

Natalie Torres
Gift Marshal
Associates Marshal

Liv Novick
Gift Marshal
Neighborhood Gift Marshal for Eliot, Kirkland, & Winthrop

Taylor Carol
Gift Marshal
Associates Marshal

Cecilia Laguarda
Gift Marshal
Neighborhood Gift Marshal for Adams, Lowell, & Quincy


Class Officers & House Representatives

Jonathan Sands

Diana Im
Media Team

Melissa Hammer
Eliot House Rep

Amahdi Shabaka
Quincy House Rep

Matt DiSorbo
Winthrop House Rep

Larissa Rocha

Julia Versel
Cabot House Rep

Celeste Mendoza
Leverett House Rep

Cole Edick
Adams House Rep

Gregory Foster
Media Team

Camelia Valldejuly
Currier House Rep

Joanne Crandall
Lowell House Rep

Miga Ochir
Dudley House Rep

Amy Huang
Media Team

Yesenia Jimenez
Dunster House Rep

Domenica Merino
Mather House Rep

Avi Saraf
Kirkland House Rep

Aaaaaand we're excited for an incredible senior year.