Class of 2016 Harvard & Ivy Orators
Photos courtesy of Megan M. Ross


The Harvard Oration is a time to reflect on our journey over the past four years for the Harvard College Class of 2017. This speech is intended to be a chance to commemorate our experience with a few words and stories that will resonate with the class. This is also an opportunity to look forward as a class and ponder how our journey will continue past Johnston Gate. The speech should be no longer than five minutes.


The Ivy Oration is a time to laugh and smile about our journey over the past four years. It is a chance to take a more light-hearted approach to Commencement week. This speech is intended to weave humor into a reflection of our college experience. It is an opportunity to share memories and inside jokes with the class, many of which we will fondly take with us.

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For reference, feel free to take a look at last year’s speakers!

Harvard Oration: Min-Woo Park
Harvard Oration: Mariam Jalloul
Ivy Oration: Aaron Henricks
Ivy Oration: Christina Teodorescu

*All submissions are due by March 24, 2017 at 11:59 PM


Banner photo courtesy of Megan M. Ross at The Crimson